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The Wedding Song Collection
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This production by our famous Rego Records artists has proven to be on of the most popular Irish Music collections ever released. For that very special day, this collection features 14 of the most popular songs associated with a wedding. An ideal shower or wedding gift. Simply a must for any wedding,especially an Irish one. Featuring Andy Cooney, Paddy Noonan, Tony Kenny, Sonny Knowles, Deirdre Reilly, Pat Roper, Sheila Noonan, and Carl Corcoran.

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  • Track 01. The Irish Wedding Song
  • Track 02. The Voyage
  • Track 03. Forever and More
  • Track 04. I'll Never Find Another You
  • Track 05. Daughter of Mine
  • Track 06. My Son
  • Track 07. Mother
  • Track 08. Siege of Ennis
  • Track 09. The Only One
  • Track 10. It's Our Anniversary
  • Track 11. You Touched Upon My Life
  • Track 12. Gown of White
  • Track 13. The Vows Go Unbroken
  • Track 14. Old Time Waltz Medley