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Music of the Irish Showband Legends DVD
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The Showbands and the Dancehalls became an integral part of Irish life in the 60's. They brought their unigue brand of live entertainment to every town and village in Ireland. In 2004 a new stage show called "Dance Hall Qs and Hucklebuck Shoes" which reflected the contribution of The Showbands to Irish entertainment, drew huge crowds and this is the DVD of that show, with 8 young entertainers, some, the children of those Legends, belting out 38 No. 1 hits from that era.

150 minutes
Song Listing
Born to Be With You
Foolin' Time
New Orleans
Walking The Streets in the Rain
Old Man Trouble
Good Looking Woman
The Answer to Everything
Make Me An Island
More and More
Christmas Polka
Pal of my Cradle Days
If I could Choose
Georgy Porgy
There's Always Me
Just for Old Times Sake
From the Candy Store
Are you Teasing Me
Right or Wrong
The Music Man
More Than Yesterday
I Gave My Wedding Dress Away
Rave On
Oh Boy
Little Arrows
Looking Through the Eyes of a Beautiful Girl
Lovely Leitrim
Oh My Papa
Gentle Mother
Little Old Lady from Pasadena
The Sloop John B
Papa OO Mow Mow
Don't Loose your Hucklebuck Shoes
No More
Kiss me Quick
California Sun
I Ran All the Way Home
The Hucklebuck
Simon Says

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