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Harp Of My Country - Thomas Moore VHS
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For the first time ever, the original music of Ireland's greatest national lyric poet Thomas Moore, has been faithfully recaptured in the most complete and unforgettable collection ever recorded in sound and on video.
Backed by a full orchestra and the world famous Ambrosia Chorus, this faithful rendition of Moore's melodies brings you 78 minutes of unprecedented musical pleasure.

Track Listing 2. "Silent O Moyle"
3. "Bendemere's Stream"
4. "Avenging and Bright"
5. "Let Remember"
6. "Believe Me if all those Endearing Young Charms"
7. "The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls"
8. "Has sorrow thy young days shaded"
9. "When in death"
10. "Sweet Vale of Avoca"
11. "Last Rose of Summer"
12. "Minstral Boy"
13. "Oft in the stilly night"
14. "Harp of my Country"
15. "Love thee dearest"

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