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Down By The Glenside: Songs of Ireland
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One of the first Irish women singers to break into the American folk scene in the late 1950's, Mary O'Hara proved to be a strong influence and a guiding light to a new generation of singers to come.
Featured here are her earliest recordings, originally released on the legendary Tradition label. 18 tracks, all selections newly remastered

1 Haigh Didil Dum Mary O'Hara 1:08
2 Carraig Donn Mary O'Hara 3:13
3 The Frog Song Mary O'Hara 2:05
4 Oro Mo Bhaidin Mary O'Hara 3:15
5 Jackets Green Mary O'Hara 1:22
6 Seoladh Na Ngamhna (Driving the Calves) Mary O'Hara 2:42
7 Wexford Mummer's Song Mary O'Hara 2:08
8 Sliabh Na Mban (The Mountain of the Women) Mary O'Hara 2:35
9 The Gartan Mother's Lullaby Mary O'Hara 3:21
10 Down By the Glenside Mary O'Hara 2:13
11 Maidrin Ruadh (The Little Fox) Mary O'Hara 1:57
12 Silent O Moyle (The Song of Fionnuala) Mary O'Hara 2:47
13 Dia Luain Di Mairt (Monday, Tuesday) Mary O'Hara 2:14
14 Farewell, But Whenever Mary O'Hara 3:58
15 The Leprechaun Mary O'Hara 1:21
16 Na Leanbhai I Mbeithil (The Children In Bethlehem) Mary O'Hara 1:54
17 The Famine Song Mary O'Hara 2:12
18 She Didn't Dance Mary O'Hara 1:40

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