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Celtic Wedding - The Chieftains
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The Chieftains selected the music that comprises Celtic Wedding: Music of Brittany from Tonious Breizhl, a publication about traditional tunes from Lower Brittany in France. The group runs through a collection of traditional Breton songs about weddings, several carols, and dances, capturing the spirit of these traditional French celebrations.

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  • Track 01. Dans Mod Koh a Vaod (Old Fashioned Dance)
  • Track 02. Breton Carol
  • Track 03. Dans Tro Fisel
  • Track 04. Marches
  • Track 05. Dans Bro Leon
  • Track 06. Heuliadenn Toniou Breizh Izel
  • Track 07. Ev Chistr 'ta Laou
  • Track 08. Jabadaw (Dance from Breton Cornwall)
  • Track 09. Celtic Wedding