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Wait Till I Tell You - Carmel Quinn
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This is Carmel Quinn's personal chronicle, told by her in the same appealing way she presents those fanciful and lovely stories and songs in her appearances all over the United States that have won her the hearts of millions.
Recorded Live in Concert

CASSETTE ONLY Tracklist: Side One:
Irish Wakes (Comedy) Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms Visitors to Home (Comedy) Danny Boy Darling Kate (Poem) Always Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Side Two:
Texas Songs Are Irish Galway Bay Flying To Wisconsin (Comedy) Stories of Mick McGilligan When I Was A Child (Comedy) How Great Thou Art

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  • Track 01. Dear Old Donegal
  • Track 02. Dublin Stories - Aunt Julia
  • Track 03. Dublin in the Rare Old Times
  • Track 04. Mick McGilligan's Ball
  • Track 05. No Charge
  • Track 06. Don' Bother To Knock
  • Track 07. The Rose
  • Track 08. Irish Humour
  • Track 09. Wee Deach An Doris/Roamin' In The Gloamin'
  • Track 10. More Irish Humour
  • Track 11. A Little Bit of Heaven
  • Track 12. Never Too Late
  • Track 13. America the Beautiul